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Sri Lanka’s first capital city is a premier historical city with many ancient monuments. Anuradhapura is a pleasant and planned town with calm and peaceful surroundings.

Attractions:The Sacred Bo tree, Temples, Brazen Palace, Smadhi Buddha statue.


Bandarawela lies south east of Nuwera Eliya and a is a busy town. It is much warmer than the rest of Central Province and many consider this area as having the best climate in Sri Lanka.

Attractions: Dowa Temple


Bentota is home to some fine sandy beaches which are available all year round. Due to its close proximity to the Bentota river, water sports is a common pastime.

Attractions: Water sports, River cruise

Beruwela has been developed as one of Sri Lanka’s chief package tour rest zones and is 58 kms south of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. Fine beached that line the coast are excellent for relaxing and swimming.

Attractions: Kechimalai Mosque


Sri Lanka’s capital and largest city is also the centre of political and economic activity. Colombo is a fascinating urban city with a blend of both the east w and west. Colombo is situated 34 kms from the air port and is a stop over point for many on their way to visit rest of Sri Lanka.

Attractions: Religious structures, Colonial buildings, Museums, Zoo


This barren town is the centre of Sri Lanka’s agricultural community. It is also the location of Sri Lanka’s newest cricket stadium the Rangiri Dambulla Stadium.

Attractions: Cave Temples


One of the best views in Sri Lanka can be found at the Ella Gap which peers right down to the coastal plain 1000 kms below. Ella is also surrounded by beautiful hills which are perfect for walks.

Attractions: Adventure Sports, Rawana Ella Falls


Galle which lies south of the capital Colombo is the most important and largest town in the southern region. Sri Lanka’s first port was established here in a natural harbour.

Attractions: Dutch Fort


Giritale lies 12 kms from the historical town of Polonnaruwa and has better quality accommodation than Polonnaruwa. Most hotels lie at the edge of the Giritale Tank which was built during the 7th Century.

Attractions: Giritale Tank


This small town borders a small lake which has an abundant variety of birds and is also central to most of the historical sites in Sri Lanka. Habrana is an excellent place for you to make your base if you are interested in doing the entire cultural triangle.

Attractions: Elephant Rides, Minneriya National Park


Situated 98 kms from Colombo, Hikkaduwa has long been on of Sri Lanka’s most popular beach spots. Hikkaduwa attracts people from all walks of life and is an excellent place for surfing and diving. The coral reefs which are found along the coast still offers divers some excellent under water activity.

Attractions: Coral Reef, Water Sports


Kalutara was once and important centre for spice trading during the British period. But since then it has lost its importance other than for having a fine reputation for its basket wear and fruits.

Attractions: Gangatillaka Vihare


Kandy is considered as Sri Lanka’s most beautiful town and is also the capital of the hill country. Next to Colombo, Kandy is the most visited place and is an interesting location for shopping and bargain hunting.

Attractions: Temple of the Tooth, Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Tea Museum


This coastal fishing town is a frequent stop over point due to its close proximity to the air port which is situated 6kms away. The Negombo lagoon is famous for its lobsters and prawns which make it a paradise for sea food lovers.

Attractions: Religious structures, Fisherman’s Festival

  Nuwara Eliya

Commonly referred to as ‘little England’. Nuwera Eliya is a very beautiful town set in the heart of the Tea country. Due to the high elevation at which the town stand the temperature is nice and cool and air crisp and clean.

Attractions: Tea Plantations, Horton Plains, Hakgala Gardens


After the decline of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa became Sri Lanka’s medieval capital. A town with many large man made reservoirs is the location of the Parakrama Samudraya which is the largest of all reservoirs in Sri Lanka.

Attractions: Royal Citadel, Temples, Kings Council Chambers, Gal Vihare


The gem capital of Sri Lanka is world famous for its sapphire, ruby, topaz and many more precious stones. All most all of Sri Lanka’s gem stones originate in an around Ratnapura and town is the main trading point for high quality stones.

Attractions: Gem Mines, Gem Museum


This spectacular rock fortress was a royal citadel for more than 18 years. Sigiriya is a carefully planned site where ancient forms of architecture, engineering, urban planning and gardening can be seen.

Attractions: Water Gardens, Frescoes, Mirror Wall

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Some of the finest beaches in Sri Lanka are found in the areas of Nilaveli and Uppuveli which are both situated in Trincomalee. With one of the worlds best deep water harbours Trincomalee is the economic nerve centre of the Eastern Province.

Attractions: Fort Fredrick, Swami Rock, Komeswaram Kovil, Kanniyai Hot Wells


Yala is home to one of Sri Lanka’s most visited National Parks. The Park is full of wildlife and elephants, deer, buffalo are a common site. Lucky visitors also get a glimpse of the elusive but beautiful leopard.

Attractions: Yala National Park